Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cant Wait til I get mine....2 more dayz!

The new macbook...lovely
Omg I have been dying to get a macbook everyone i know has one except me they are way better than PC's, yes i said it. I used to be a diehard PC user but simply fell in love with mac, it is so much more innovative and the macbook is really light weight which is great for me since im a student,not to mention less viruses people!

The new macbook...lovely
But then i cant decide between the new aluminum one or the white one which I looove! The white one doesnt come with all the new features unfortunately :(...what do u think..


Afro Heroine said...

I really wanted a Macbook this year too, but alas I had to get a PC. Lol, gotta love the sales on PCs though.