Friday, April 3, 2009

GUyz Really Suck

Why is it so hard for guys to understand a girls need to look good. Yes we love make up and we love buying clothes and we take al ong time gettting ready, we take into account those extra details like applying mascara and looking in the mirror at least 10x to make sure our outfit looks good. What is so wrong with that?....Like my husband cant stand it..we have had countless arguments because i want to put on makeup before we go or becuz it doesnt take me 10 seconds to pick out an outfit and get dressed lol like its crazy dude...well shit im sorry i cant get dressed and go....fuckin guyz! Sorry i had to say


Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

oh em gee..your not alone girl! haha trust me my boyfriend acts the same way...sooo impatient when it comes to me getting like look..i dont wake up looking this good!! it takes time, so chill! we finally decided that he tells me an hour ahead if we are going anywhere so that gives me plenty of time to get ready and he doesnt have to wait! lol..